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About The Event

An "Evening In Luxury" is a private event hosted by the award winning luxury real estate publication, Luxury Home Magazine®. LHM partners with top luxury real estate professionals to showcase the finest in luxury. This exclusive, invitation only event offers guests the opportunity to view some of the most luxurious homes available on the market in the area. Since this event is private, the address details are rarely, if ever disclosed on an "Evening In Luxury" invitation. Once an invited guest submits their RSVP online or over the phone, they can expect the address details to be provided immediately and their information added to the security list.


Luxury Home Magazine® is the leader in the market specific presentation of luxury homes and the luxury lifestyle. We are devoted to presenting the highest quality homes, goods and services available to our readers. Our publication is an oversized "Coffee Table Magazine" featuring beautiful photography of exceptional homes in the most coveted locations. We utilize highly effective methods of targeted delivery to connect the wealthiest and most affluent buyers and sellers of luxury real estate.

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